Flat (disambiguation)

The word flat has several, mostly unrelated uses:

flat is a musical symbol representing a slightly lower pitch flatness
A punctured tire is a "flat tire" or just a "flat"
A flat tax charges the same percentage regardless of the size of the sum being taxed
"flatline" is sometimes used as a synonym for death, describing the shape of an ECG graph with no heartbeat.
A flat is another name for an apartment
A tower block, block of flats, or apartment block is (in the 21st century) usually a high-rise apartment building.
In New Zealand, flats refer to houses or other accommodation where groups of people, often University students, live together.
Buildings containing low numbers of flats or apartments, or which are low-rise buildings such as tenement buildings, are described in the article on apartment buildings.
In farming terms, "flats" may refer to valley floors where rich grazing is available when the steeper land is too bare.
In abstract algebra, a module is flat if taking the tensor product with it preserves exact sequences.
In computer programming, a flat memory model is an approach to organizing memory address space. Similarly, a flat file can refer to a flat file database or to a simple type of file system for computers.

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